Sunday, April 19, 2009

Greenhouse Time

As usual I can't figure this out. I just know that I wanted to try to show these pictures and write a little bit about each of them and maybe show some things that have been going on with us lately. As you can see the greenhouse is changing everyday. And there are some pictures of the people I work with... Isaac, Christina and Linda and John helping me in the greenhouse.
We also had some company from Canada. John's Aunt came to see her sister ( John's Mom). And it was wonderful to see them. We hadn't seen them for at least 4 years. Marje really enjoyed it! And it was so great to see them together!
John and I are trying to get over nasty colds this week. But things are looking up and maybe it helps to work in the warm greenhouse!

There are some changes since my last post...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Work, Work, Work, and Love

                           Our Ride to Duck Creek Range...

All of my hard work this week...

Okay, now with the insecurity. I've never done this by myself before! But, it is definitely time for an update. Not that anything terribly exciting is going on here in Ely, that is the insecurity part again.

John and I have both been working hard. We just planted new little baby plants up at the greenhouse at my work. About 7,000 of them to be exact! My busiest week of the whole year. I really look forward to it though. It's nice to have things green and growing in the greenhouse again! I have also planted lots of seeds for petunias, marigolds and Anaheim peppers. And next is different kinds of squash, more marigolds and some different kinds of tomatoes. It's fun to plant the seeds but it is so satisfying to transplant the little plants that are already growing! Instant Greenhouse...Full to the brim!

John is very busy at work too. This week was filled with mill maintenance and everything that goes with that. Lots of shoveling, hosing and swinging sledge hammers! He is starting his 7 days off this week and he really needs the rest.

We both have the next 2 days off together and are really looking forward to it! We are planning to take a ride to the mountains today, after I check the watering in the greenhouse...Maybe we'll see some elk. I'll take my camera maybe I'll be able to share some pics.

Highlight of the week: I got to talk to Maisy on the phone and tell her how much I love her! I love being a grammy! Maisy is truly, truly WONDERFUL!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Amazing Maisy

I've been in MillCreek since Tuesday, the 10th. What a great week it has been! I've gotten to know my new granddaughter, Maisy, and also got to know  Rob and Heather as Daddy and Mommy. This beautiful little darling has magically changed all of us! It is so wonderful. 
Rob and Heather could do all of this parenting business with their hands tied behind their backs but they manage to make me feel as if I'm actually of some help. They take great care in the the littlest of details and Maisy is so lucky to have such parents. They are devoted to their child in every way! It has been an honor to witness...
Now let the pictures begin...!

Bath time...

Happy Valentines Day...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Happily Awaiting Maisy

We received a phone call at 2 am. All thoughts of sleep are gone. OH Happy Day! We are going to be Grandparents! How can there be more love in this world than we already feel for our children! We are about to find out...Thank you God! And thank you Heather and Rob!