Sunday, April 19, 2009

Greenhouse Time

As usual I can't figure this out. I just know that I wanted to try to show these pictures and write a little bit about each of them and maybe show some things that have been going on with us lately. As you can see the greenhouse is changing everyday. And there are some pictures of the people I work with... Isaac, Christina and Linda and John helping me in the greenhouse.
We also had some company from Canada. John's Aunt came to see her sister ( John's Mom). And it was wonderful to see them. We hadn't seen them for at least 4 years. Marje really enjoyed it! And it was so great to see them together!
John and I are trying to get over nasty colds this week. But things are looking up and maybe it helps to work in the warm greenhouse!

There are some changes since my last post...

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  1. Things are looking great! You work so hard out there! Dad looks like he a has a little captain in him! You have seen that commercial, right?

    Love you guys